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IDB Island Spice Trini

Meet Island Spice Trini, the sweet and sassy dam who's bringing a touch of tropical flair to our breeding program! This lovely lady is named after the vibrant island of Trinidad, and she's living up to her namesake with her playful, affectionate personality and stunning good looks.


With her luscious Blue-Tri Merle coat, sparkling eyes, and charming smile, Trini is a true gem in our breeding program. Her intelligence, athleticism, and gentle nature make her an ideal dam, and we're thrilled to have her on board.


And exciting news - Trini is set to be bred to the one and only Bossy's "The Godfather" (a larger than life Lilac-Tri powerhouse) at the end of the year! This highly anticipated breeding is expected to produce some truly exceptional pups, combining the best of both worlds - Trini's sweet disposition and "The Godfather's" impressive lineage. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring a piece of this exciting breeding into your own program - stay tuned for updates and get ready for some truly special pups!"

MMK Astrid

Meet MMK Astrid of IDB, the majestic matriarch and foundation female of our breeding program. This extraordinary dam is the cornerstone of our success, and her influence will be felt for generations to come.


Astrid's impressive lineage, combined with her own exceptional qualities, makes her a true gem in the world of breeding. Her stunning good looks, athletic build, and graceful movement are only matched by her kind, gentle, and nurturing nature.


As the mother of our program, Astrid has consistently produced exceptional offspring, passing on her best traits and characteristics to her progeny. Her dedication to her family is unwavering, and her love and care for her puppies is unparalleled.


MMK Astrid of IDB is more than just a dam - she's a symbol of excellence, a testament to the power of careful breeding, and a reminder of the importance of compassion, intelligence, and beauty. We're honored to have her as the foundation of our program, and we can't wait to see her legacy continue to grow and thrive."

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